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Zombicide: 2nd Edition

Zombicide is back! New art, new minis, new expansions with new gameplay! And, on top of everything else, a Roleplaying Game!

Created by CMON

More Than a Game Cafe has partnered with CMON to make the Kickstarter Experience better for backers in Thailand. Prices and Pledge rewards will be the same, with a few key differences:

  • More Than a Game Cafe will accept payment in Thai Baht. (Kickstarter only accepts $US)
  • More Than a Game Cafe pledges will have priority for first delivery of rewards.
  • More Than a Game Cafe will handle all customs and import issues so you won’t have to.
  • Pick-up at More Than a Game locations, or ship anywhere in Thailand.


The nonstop, electrifying zombie-killing action board game is back in great style, with 3 brand new products bringing Zombicide to a new era!

Zombicide: 2nd Edition features all-new art, miniatures, updated rules, fast setup, along with its well-known and acclaimed intense gameplay!

Washington Z.C. Expansion introduces for the very first time for Zombicide a story-driven campaign, full of flavorful and impactful surprises and choices, in addition to advanced rules, new characters and an iconic location.

Want to develop your Survivors and dive even deeper in the story? Zombicide: Chronicles – The Roleplaying Game explores the world of Zombicide and the hardships of living in a world wrecked by the infestation. 










Zombicide: Chronicles – The Roleplaying Game is designed by Francesco Nepitello, Marco Maggi and Need Games.







Note that anything marked with this:

is an exclusive item for Kickstarter backers (or from other crowdfunding platforms), with remaining stock available through conventions and special promotions only.







This is CMON’s 40th Kickstarter, and there are some vagaries in terms of timing when it comes to anything produced in China, such as:
Production delays
Shipping delays
Customs delays

The estimated delivery date for this project is November 2020, but keep in mind this is only an estimate. Also, due to the logistics of international shipping, backers in different regions of the world may receive their rewards sooner than others.

We’ve done our best to minimize this as much as possible, and we are always happy to refund pledges if for some totally unforeseen reason the game can’t be delivered at all.


We can refund you in full within 14 days of the campaign’s end, fees included. After that, we have a policy of no questions asked, though that’s minus Kickstarter and payment processing fees (which we can’t get back from them after 14 days). However, if we’ve begun packaging your pledge for shipment (usually 4 to 6 weeks before the actual shipping date), no refunds are possible. If a component cannot be delivered AT ALL, we refund that completely, including fees. All refunds after the 14 days close of the campaign may be processed via Paypal or reversed via Stripe to your credit card at our discretion. Refunds within 14 days are reversed via Stripe to your credit card. Payments made in THB will be refunded in THB,  and any refunds processed will be in THB for the exact amount received in THB, excluding any applicable fees depending on the time of the refund being processed.


By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that the final look, materials and content of the rewards (and the project) are subject to change and may differ substantially from what is presented while the Kickstarter project was active. If you do not log in and confirm your pledge within 8 weeks of our notification via email to confirm your pledge, you agree that we have fulfilled our obligations to you in full for payment or donations received. However, we may, at our discretion, refund or ship your pledge if you contact us and confirm your pledge after the 8 week window has elapsed. Unconfirmed pledges make it difficult for us to plan production and logistics, and in the past have led to project delays. For this project we do not intend to allow this to happen, which may mean if you confirm your pledge too late, exclusive items may not be produced in sufficient quantity for your pledge. If you confirm your pledge within 8 weeks of our notification via email, you agree that our responsibility to you is to deliver your order to you either at the More Than a Game Café location or via in-country shipping. More Than a Game Café’s responsibility ends when we hand off any items to a reliable delivery company for delivery to an address provided by you. If you do not accept these terms, please do not pledge on this project. Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Questions about this project? Check out the KickStarter FAQ

Pledge ฿9000

All-out Pledge

“Board Game, RPG – I want it all!”


Zombicide: 2nd Edition core box

Zombicide: Washington Z.C.

  • Zombicide: Chronicles – The Roleplaying Game core book
  • Zombicide: Chronicles – Gamemaster Screen
  • Phil, the Cop – Promo Survivor
  • All applicable Stretch Goals


Pledge at this level


  • Estimated Delivery: Nov 2020
  • Shipping included in price
  • Can ship to anywhere in Thailand

Pledge ฿2000 

Nostalgic Pledge

“I just want to upgrade my old stuff to 2nd Edition”


  • 2nd Edition Plastic Dashboards Set
  • 2nd Edition Survivor ID Cards Upgrade Pack

Pledge at this level

  • Estimated Delivery: Nov 2020
  • Shipping included in price
  • Can ship to anywhere in Thailand