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When the world of Summoner Master is played as Chess equal to this game.

After setup the modular board, each player will lay down units like the Chess but different from Chess, each unit has its own movement pattern, attack range, HP and can be upgradable to be more powerful unit in the game.

The example of units in the game are Lord, Dragon, Priest, Clown, Assassin, Soldier, etc.

The dice is involved in the game for resolving the effectiveness of each unit ability such as Avoid, Reflect or Defend.

There are 2 goals of the game. First is capturing the opponent’s Lord unit (by reducing its HP to 0 or less) as the eliminating of the King in Chess OR capturing as many opponent’s units that can reach the unit level summation criteria. (total of 15 levels or more in all variances of the first edition)

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