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An adventurous treasure hunt

For centuries, people havee troed to find the well-hidden Gangsi’s tomb, as these Chinese mummies buried all their wealth with them. Now the tomb has been exposed and four courageous treasure hunters venture inside to salvage its treasures.
However, the Gangsi cannot rest and wanders the halls. Will one of the treasure hunters succeed in finding the requested treasures or can the Gangsi expel the intruders in the end?

One player will act as the Gangsi, and the other will be the treasure hunters. The hunters find the treasures on one side of the board, while Gangsi find the hunters on the order side, which means that Gangsi does not know where the are hunters. Gangsi can only deduce the position of hunters by the moment when hunters announce they find the treasures.

Hunters win when they find the treasure they were assigned to find. Gangsi wins the game when it can ‘eat’ a certain number of hunters depends by the number of players.

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