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Available only for Backers of the Zombicide: Invader Kickstarter, this Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy brings players a full set of 6 original Survivors designed by the great Karl Kopinski and sculpted by Patrick Masson, including their figures and ID cards!

Ever since the St Stilton orphanage was burned down during a riot, there has been an Orphans Gang formed by the abandoned survivors of that incident. The gang roams the galaxy, staying out of the way of the authorities and carving out a living by scrounging, scamming, or whatever else works. The Orphans Gang is always ready to welcome new members, as it’s also used to losing members to tragedies such as prison, death, or becoming an adult. Perhaps in a remote mining outpost they can lay low quietly for a while.

All members of the Orphans Gang share the same trait, common to street urchins: it’s impossible to hold them down. As such they all have the Unstoppable skill as a bonus, allowing them to slip by mobs of Xenos (or burst through them, in the case of Goliath).

Let’s meet the gang, and renders of the miniatures to come:


Ink is very used to evading capture by local enforcers. He can jump over obstacles and charge into action like nobody else. He’s also not lousy in a fight either, favoring ranged weaponry.


Baby is the scrounger of the gang, being able to “procure” anything they need (how do you think they got their matching gear?). She’s able to search for stuff faster than anyone else. She’s also quite good with machines, regardless of type.


For a kid with one eye, Clops sees quite well. His cybernetic eye is able to scan his environment while his normal eye is busy with other things (like shooting Xenos). This means he may find stuff at the same time as he’s fighting. As the leader of the group, he may be able to direct his gang to perform extra actions every round.


As is to be expected, The Wizard has a natural connection to all machines. He’s able to control Bots and Sentry Guns with no need of a remote. His power boots can also move him quite fast and even propel him over obstacles.


Jennie likes to tag along, creating a very capable firing squad if she has a companion by her side (preferably Goliath). For such a young kid, she’s really a natural with a gun, putting many adults to shame.


Goliath is a brute, no doubt about it. He will charge into the fray and crush anything in hand to hand combat. In time, he may be able to tear apart even an abomination in a brawl!


This Add-on is only available to backers who have pledged to the Zombicide: Invader Kickstarter on the More Than a Game Cafe website. If you pledged on the Kickstarter website, you can obtain Add-ons through the Kickstarter website.


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