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Game Description

Available only for Backers of the Zombicide: Invader Kickstarter, this Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy brings players 30 Kickstarter Exclusive Xeno figures, as well as their spawn cards! This includes:

  • 8 Seeker Worker figures (featuring 2 different sculpts)
  • 6 Driller Blitzer figures (featuring 2 different sculpts)
  • 8 Xenomoth figures
  • 8 Flinger figures

Let’s take a closer look at our new … friends:

Seeker Workers

Seeker Workers are relentless in chasing down Survivors. While they may be similar to normal Workers in most regards, they are also susceptible to bursts of speed. Each Seeker Worker spawn card also grants an extra activation to any Seeker Workers already on the board. They also frequently spawn from Active Molds, and as the number of Molds increase towards the mid-end of the game, so will the number of these guys, seeking and hunting you down.

Driller Blitzers

Driller Blitzers might seem like the Drillers you’re already familiar with at first, but they’re much, much worse! Ok, so they are basically Tanks, dealing 2 damage per attack, and requiring 2 damage to eliminate. But they’re also as fast as Hunters, performing two actions per activation. So yeah, hard to take down, incredibly fast, and will tear your head off when it gets to you.

That’s already a formidable threat, even for players who are not getting the Dark Side box. Of course, when played with the Dark Side elements, they become even more dangerous, becoming harder to destroy in a Pit, and using the cover of darkness for an unstoppable charge.


Xenomoths are terrifying flying creatures of unknown origin. A nightmarish combination of flapping wings, snapping teeth and grabbing tentacles, Xenomoths fly incredibly fast, moving 3 Zones per activation. Fighting them off with melee weapons is nigh impossible, as they know to stay out of reach, you’ll need a ranged weapon (and good aim) to be able to bring down these creatures.


Flingers may be relatively small, but they’re an extremely dangerous type of Xeno. They are capable of performing ranged attacks at a distance of up to 2 Zones, and even being inside a building doesn’t shorten their range! Whether it’s in the rooms and corridors of your base, out on the planet’s surface, or deep inside the dark tunnels, these nasty projectiles always find their mark and can quickly bring down any Survivor!

This Add-on is only available to backers who have pledged to the Zombicide: Invader Kickstarter on the More Than a Game Cafe website. If you pledged on the Kickstarter website, you can obtain Add-ons through the Kickstarter website.


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