Der Verzauberte Turm (Tin Box)

450 ฿

Der verzauberte Turm (Metallbox) is a down-scaled version of the big children’s game Der verzauberte Turm.
The mage has locked the princess in a tower, and Robin tries to find the key the mage has hidden first and find the correct key hole before the mage does.

The metal box version of the game features a smaller board and the technical mechanic of collecting a key and the mechanic of the key locks have been changed from the big one, getting the game to fit into a much smaller box and being sold at a much cheaper price.

Other differences:

  • Less spaces to hide the key (12 instead of 16)
  • Magician has to cover 6 spaces before entering the board (instead of 8)
  • The tower has 5 keyholes instead of 6
  • End game condition for magician is different. Instead of freeing the princess, magician takes the key token and another round is played. Magician wins after winning all 5 rounds.


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