What’s your favorite game?


Our favorites change as we learn new games, grow in experience, or are just looking for a certain kind of game.

Below are some of our suggested games for people that are looking for different things. These lists are entirely our own opinion: you may have other ideas or suggestions.


Games for NewcomersGames for 5-8 year-oldsCooperative GamesGames for Experienced PlayersParty Games


Games for people new to board games – easy to learn and fun for everybody!

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Ticket to Ride: Build a railroad empire! Justifiably many people’s favorite game.

Carcassonne: Build a medieval countryside in this fast and fun tile-laying game.

Coup: Bluff and Dare your way to victory! Very popular with all our customers, from schoolkids to experienced gamers.

Splendor:  As gem merchants in the Renaissance, you race to acquire prestige. Fun and easy to learn, this relatively new game is already considered a classic.

Dixit: Fast, fun, and easy to learn, this game uses fantastical artwork to create an interesting, fun, and memorable experience.

King of Tokyo: Be the last giant monster standing in the ruins of Tokyo! A fast and monstrously fun game. 

Games for younger players – 5 to 8 Years old.

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Spinderella: Winner of the 2015 Kinderspiel des Jahres (Childrens game) winner, this is a fun game for all ages.

Croak: Fend off the other frogs to become the Queen of the Pond – but beware of the frog-eating Pike!

Fun Farm: Match the fun, friendly animals to cards, in this pattern-matching game that is great fun.

Tales and Games: The Hare & the Tortoise: This time it’s not just the Tortoise and the Hare – all the animals race to see who can reach the finish line first.

Master Fox: Blindly grasp figurines in a box as you try to steal the best loot.

Tales and Games: The Three Little Pigs: Can the three little pigs build a house strong enough to withstand the wolf’s mighty breath?

Candy: A classic game (50 years!) of finding the candies that match the colors on the dice.

Tales and Games: Baba Yaga:  Find the ingredients you need to escape the evil witch Baba Yaga!

Cooperative games – games you can play with friends, not against them.

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Pandemic: The new classic – work as a team to save the world from horrible plagues! Not easy, but a lot of fun.

Hanabi: Hanabi – the Japanese word for fireworks – is a cooperatve game where players try to make the best fireworks display they can … without blowing themselves up.

Dead of Winter: Players are a group of survivors in a Zombie apocalypse, and have to … mostly … cooperate to survive. Hugely popular.

Ghost Stories: Work together to save a town from an ancient Chinese devil.

Pandemic: The Cure: A faster, dice-based version of the cooperative classic, Pandemic.

Robinson Crusoe – Adventures on the Cursed Island: A cooperative survival game where players are stranded on a mysterious island…

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1: This is an episodic version of the classic game Pandemic – each time you play it effects the next time you play.

Time Stories: A cooperative time-travel adventure game with many expansions.

Games for Experienced Players – long, complex, and tough games for enthusiasts.

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Power Grid: Bring power to an entire country! Fascinating supply/demand model.

Twilight Struggle: Two player game about the Cold Wat between the US and USSR. Not too overly complex, but often takes 3 hours to play.

Pandemic: The new classic – work as a team to save the world from horrible plagues! Not easy, but a lot of fun.

Nations: Build a civilization from the stone age until the early 20th Century. Different countries have different strengths, and the game lasts about 40 minutes per player.

Game of Thrones: The armies of Westeros are on the move … but treachery wins as many battles as armies! Great fun, but fairly complex and takes several hours to play.

Terra Mystica: A strategy game that has little luckand rewards strategic planning, players are one of 14 tribes, each assiciated with one of seven different terrains. Games last from one to three hours.

Agricola: Agricola is a ‘the’ worker placement game, where you need to build up a farm with limited worker resources.

Party Games – fun games for groups and friends

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Codenames: Two teams compete to identify thier agents, based on word-association clues. Unexpectedly fun.

Anomia: Name something in a category (i.e. “A kind of soup”), but hurry – another player is trying to name another item in another category at the same time! Fast, light, and fun game perfect for parties.

Cash & Guns: Up to 8 members of a mafia gang have just pulled off a heist. Who gets how much of the loot? Its everyone against everyone else in this riotous game of greed and double-cross.

Bang!: A gunfight in a card game. 4 – 7 players face each other down in an old-west gunfight. Are you a Marshall, a Deputy, a Bandit, or a Mysterious Stranger?

Resistance: The Resistance group against the evil repressive government has been infiltrated with spies. Can the brave resistance fighters topple the government before the spies destroy the group? For 5 – 10 players.

Coup Rebellion: Bluff and Dare your way to victory! Very popular with all our customers, from schoolkids to experienced gamers. An expanded version of the original Coup

Ultimate Werewolf: A peaceful village has been infiltrated by Werewolves – can the villagers identify and get rid of the werewolves before they destroy the village? A game for 5 – 68 players.



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