Takeaway board game skills you can adapt to your life

Board games are just a smaller size of life; either you win or you learn. It isn’t necessarily about winning, but enjoying how you spend your time. However, when you never really have a chance to win, it can be difficult to enjoy yourself. We have some tips to improve your board game skills – which can also adapted into many areas of your real life

Conduct a post-game analysis

It doesn’t matter if you just win or lose, conduct a quick post-game analysis. If you want to remain competitive, Its crucial process to strategize your next game and analyze your opponents. You start by asking yourself these simple questions:

  • What do you do that was good and gave you an advantage (i.e. got you closer to your goal)?
  • What as not good and should be stopped?
  • What should you improve and keep doing?
  • What should you try in your next game?

Asking yourself these questions helps you identify your strength and weaknesses, and forces you to think of ways to improve your strategies.

Besides board games, this technique also works very well in your real life. It’s something fitness-lovers can do after they start to work out. You also can use this technique in many aspects of your life. All you have to do is conduct a quick analysis after the activity is done (also called a ‘postmortem’), and you will have a clearer picture what happened, what you might try next time, and how to improve your life.

Play with people you do not always play with, for a wider range of experience.

Last year, I started playing Settlers of Catan with my friends, who I always played board games with. Some of them had already played this game, but it was my first time. I enjoyed it, even though it was my first time and had to catch up with all the logics and strategies of the game.

After playing with them for some time, I noticed that there was a Settlers of Catan App version for both android and iOS. So I downloaded it and played with a total stranger online, and it improved my skills: I got to practice a lot since I could play the game online.  I faced many experienced opponents and I learned many more strategies and tactics. They were better than me or even my friends. When you play against the same people all the time, you only see the same tactics and strategies.

This works in real life as well. Look for new challenges and step out of your comfort zone. That way you learn new things, improve your skills, meet new people, and it can even lead you to more opportunities.

Look for Patterns

You can’t control everything in life, and you can’t predict what other people think. This is true in board games as well:  you can’t control what your opponents will do. Instead of micromanaging, youlook for patterns that usually lead to better outcomes.
You should also look for those patterns that are not good to your strategies,  which will probably lead to poor outcomes.

This technique is applicable to the real world, you look for patterns that lead you to your goals in every dimension of your life. Your loved ones have probably warned you about the bad patterns that lead to an undesirable outcomes (like drugs, bad friends, etc).

Every step of your life, you should list out your goals and search for ways to reach those objectives.

Improving at board games can prepare you for the game of life

You can practice life skills – like negotiation, resource management, etc., – with no negative consequences if you fail. Other than losing the game, anyway.  Keep your eyes sharp for patterns, learn from your mistakes, and figure out what strategies work and which ones don’t. And don’t forget to learn from other people’s experience: you to get a wider-range of knowledge, which can save you time and energy. And if you find yourself is a tough situation, always remember that the point of the game – and life – is not only about winning, but to enjoy and have fun.



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